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War posters of WWII, reproductions, are what we sell. We have over 200 to choose from, all in their brilliant, original, colors. All the major warring nations are represented. War posters or WWII propaganda posters helped the cause of many countries during World War 2. War posters, propaganda posters, whether used to covey a patriotic or psychological message were effective. They were highly artistic in design and were geared to catch the eye and to appeal to the emotions.

 The propaganda posters of Nazi Germany are particularly interesting due to the fact that their propaganda ministry was so fine tuned. They also had to bombard their public with their ideology as well as with "win the war" messages." The German fascist artistry was also taken up by Mussolini's Italy. The Italian war posters are more subtle, however.

 The war posters of the Americans and British are geared to the protection of women and children and the evil of their enemies. Another common theme is the loose talk posters. This is a common theme of all the propaganda of WWII, warning all workers that spies are everywhere.

 The Japanese had an interesting propaganda which attacked the sexual moral standards of the Americans and British. There was a theme that suggested that the Americans were bedding the British soldiers' wives while they were away. According to the experts this tactic was not successful.

 The Russians used the past hero and military strength propaganda in their art. They were also masters at portraying the Germans as murdering fiends without scruples. This was a common theme used in all the warring countries towards their enemies.

 You will find a great variety of propaganda uses in the reproductions for sale on our web site. They are arranged into axis and allied sections with areas for Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, Soviet Russia, The United States, The United Kingdom, and many others.

 These items are both educational and a part of world history.

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