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The Short-term Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are a class of drugs that is chemically similar to the male hormone testosterone. It is common knowledge that testosterone is responsible for the development of various gender-specific characteristics in men such as increased muscle growth. Today several variants exist with slightly different effects, potency and application. Some are meant for use with animals while others have been approved for human consumption. While they can be helpful in some cases, they can also be dangerous if taken randomly. These steroids for sale should only be used under the supervision of a competent medical professional. A few of their short-term physical effects are as follows:


Buy Steroids Online For SaleThose who take steroids are prone to acne breakouts. In fact, this is one of the telltale signs of use along with increased muscle mass. The intensity will vary from one individual to the next. For the people who are gravely affected, this can be quite bothersome as it cannot be hidden from the public. The aftermath is just as bad. The pimples can leave scars and it will take a long while before they completely heal. Appearance and confidence can take a big hit, especially for the young. It can cause irritation and infections as well. Dosage may be reduced or completely stopped to prevent it from worsening, same goes to breast enhancement creams.

Weight Gain

Individuals taking steroids tend to experience a rapid increase in weight. This may be a welcome development for some and an alarming consequence for others. Doctors prescribe these drugs to patients who are chronically underweight due to underlying conditions. They are also useful for those who are having trouble recovering from a major surgery. On the other hand, those who are already overweight may find that their numbers are surging far too quickly for comfort. Prescriptions will be tuned precisely to prevent unwanted gains like on male enlargement pills.

Increased Blood Pressure

Another thing to watch out for is a spike in blood pressure. There are people who may already be at risk because of their current BPs and taking anabolic steroids will only make things worse. If left unchecked, then they may experience strokes, heart attacks, and other undesirable effects. Cholesterol levels will also be adversely affected by these drugs, further complicating the situation. This is why self-medication is frowned upon. Consult a doctor beforehand as they will check your vitals and other important metrics to see if you will benefit from these drugs or not. If it is the latter, then they can suggest other possible routes to achieve your goals rather then just buy steroids online.


Many of those who have taken steroids reported difficulty in sleeping. They stay wide awake at night unable to rest completely. Because of this insomnia, they have trouble functioning during the day at work or at school. They may also become irritable and have massive mood swings. Some people even become hyper-aggressive which is why the term “roid rage” was coined. This violent tendency is certainly a cause of concern not only for the user but also those around him. Think about all of these side effects before looking for steroids for purchase drug.